A Quick Look At Our Computer Repair Services!

Virus & Malware/Spyware Removal

We will find any Virus, Malware or Spyware threat that has infected your computer and will remove it. We have the tools and experience to detect and eliminate any local bug that may be keeping you from enjoying your computer experience. Once completed, we will also train and educate you on the steps necessary to prevent future infection and stay secure.

Notebook/Laptop Repair

Have broken keys on your Keyboard? Laptop Battery won't hold a charge? Accidently drop your notebook and crack the screen? Or does your laptop not turn on anymore? At Bay Area Computer Solutions we can fix your laptop. We have experience with all makes and models. No matter how big the problem, give us a call today and we can give you an estimate on how much the parts will cost to get you up and running again.

Computer Maintenance & Optimization

Who likes working on a slow computer? Or waiting forever for you computer just to boot up? We at Bay Area Computer Solutions believe that system efficiency is key to making your life, and/or your work environment more productive. We have the tools and experience to esure that your computer runs smoothly and at its optimum performance with this service. We will remove unwanted programs, toolbars, start-up programs and install special software to help your computer run like it just came out of the box.

New PC Set Up & Installation

Just buy and brand new computer and not sure where the wires go? No problem, Bay Area Computer Solutions will come and set up your computer. We also move important files, folders and documents from your previous computer to your brand new computer.

Operating System Install

By performing a brand new operating system install, you help maximize your computers security and performance. Bay Area Computer Solutions can perform a complete removal and re-installation of your operating system, or upgrade your current operating system. We will re-install of your system drivers, software, security updates and ensure that your computer is at peak performance.

Software Upgrades & Installation

Need a piece of software on your computer to help you with your school work? Business? Or Hobby? We will find the solutions for you. Then we will configure, install, and add convenient desktop, start menu and/or quick launch shortcuts for quick and easy access to your new software. We will also upgrade any software you have on your machine to the latest version.

Hardware Upgrades & Installation

Does your computer need some more space for storing your files? Do you want to install some RAM to make your PC perform a little better? Or do you need a new graphics card to have a better online gaming experience? Bay Area Computer Solutions can install and configure any new hardware or software you need on your computer, you name it. Here are just a few things we can install on your computer today: RAM, DVD/Blu Ray Burner, A New Hard Drive or Second Hard Drive, Network Card, Sound Card, USB 2.0/3.0 Card, eSata Card, TV Tuner Card, Graphics Card, etc.

Data/Hard Drive Crash Recovery

Data loss is an incredibly stressful ordeal. Especially when it is important documents and information that you may have lost. However, many times data from hard drives can be recovered if the hard drive just stared failing. If you have a failing hard drive, Bay Area Computer Solutions may be able to help you recover your data. We do not charge if we can't get your data back.

Data/Hard Drive Wiping

Did you know that when you delete a file and empty the trash bin, the file that you deleted may still reside on your computer? It's true, and if you've had a computer for a few years think of the files that you may have deleted... And, you probably have a lot of files on your computer that you didn't even know about. Files containing information about yourself that an identity theif can use against you. We at Bay Area Computer Solutions specialize in erasing files on your computer for good. Whether it's a hard drive from an old computer or a computer you're still using, we can make files disappear permanently.

Network Support & Troubleshooting

We can help you maintain or troubleshoot any wired or wireless network, no matter how big or small. From dealing with your ISP connection, to troubleshooting Routers, Hubs, Switches and Repeaters. We will help get you and your devices connected to the web again so you an browse the internet, view email, and carry on your daily tasks.

Wireless Network Set Up

Bay Area Computer Solutions can help you determine your best option based on your situation, requirements, location and budget. We can set up, maintain, or troubleshoot any size wireless network, turning your home into wireless sanctuary. We can set up your network to secure and encrypt your internet access, increase router signal strength, allow everyone to print to a single printer, and even share files with one another.

Printer Set Up & Installation

Have you purchased a printer recently that isn't working the way you need it to? Or do you have an existing printer, but don't know how to share it with multiple computers? No problem. Bay Area Computer Solutions can configure and install drivers and software needed to make your printer perform the way it was intended and advertised. The same goes for all-in-ones (Printer, Fax, Scanner).

Smart TV/Home Media Set Up

Just buy a brand new Smart TV, and want to take full advantage of it's features and functions? We here at Bay Area Comptuer Solutions can turn your Family and/or Living Room into a Multimedia Sanctuary. We can create a link from your router to your smart tv to take full advantage of it's features, so you can enjoy apps such as: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, MLB TV, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and much more on your TV. We also can help hook-up your home theater system, gaming devices, and anything else you can think of that connects to your TV, and apply optimum settings for it's desired performance.

File Sharing Set Up

Have videos, pictures, or documents that you would like to share across multiple computers at your home? Or recently buy a FireTV, Boxee Box or SmartTV and want to share files from you computer so you can see them on the big screen? Did you know that you can turn one of your computers into a media server so you can do just that... Bay Area Computer Solutions can help you share your videos, pictures, or documents across multiple platforms and devices in your home. Yes, even on the PS3/PS4.

Prices for Services

Bay Area Computer Solutions provides Personal Residential and Business Computer Services at a Fraction of the Price of our Competitors. No job, no matter the difficulty, costs more than $50 an hour for labor. And if we get the job done in a half hour or less, you pay no more than $30 for labor, making Bay Area Computer Solutions the Most Affordable & Responsive Computer Services Company in the Tampa Bay Area.

Due to various Computer makes and models, some Computer parts vary in price. To get a precise and accurate estimation, please call: (727) 215-0904. We offer a FREE Consultation & Estimate over the phone, Mon - Sat 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM.